Timeline of Events

July 15 (Sunday)

4:00pm: Pinnacle Conquest departs the Port of Charleston, SC.
6:32pm: Billy Haynes collapses to the floor after a major heart attack.
6:47pm: Thomas and Bryce open the door of the trauma room to a scene of sheer terror.
6:58pm: Chief of Security Jason Kirkman questions Bryce and Thomas and locks them in the brig.
7:02pm: Virginia Haynes approaches Mike, Trip, and friends and Alison begins drawing her a bath.
7:18pm: Kirkman arrives at the Haynes cabin.
7:32pm: Sean kills a fellow passenger with an axe.
7:58pm: Exactly one hour after locking them in the brig, Kirkman invites Bryce, Trip, and their friends to move their families to the crew deck and asks them to meet with him in the security suite.
8:43pm: Edward Forthington interrupts the meeting.
10:17pm: Power goes out on the ship.
11:32pm: Mike sees Breckenridge and his men for the first time.
11:42pm: Grenade goes off.

July 16 (Monday)

12:15am: Kirkman and co. arrive at the Security Suite to find it overrun by the creatures.
12:17am: Dr. Winters starts setting up triage areas in the Theater.
12:27am: Passengers begin arriving in the Theater and are checked for wounds.
2:42am: The last of the search parties arrives at the Theater with survivors.
2:53am: Kirkman and Mike arrive at the Theater with Forthington.
5:09am: Thomas asks Ms. Hartman for 1 hour for a miracle to appear.
5:23am: Bryce, Trip, and Breckenridge spot the lights of a ship in the distance as they create a diversion to load lifeboats.
5:59am: The last survivors are loaded onto lifeboats.
6:02am: The USCGC Gallatin WHEC-721 collides with the Pinnacle Conquest at a speed of over 20 knots. Jason Kirkman is killed. Explosives are triggered belowdecks.
6:05am: The four lifeboats hit the water.
6:12am: All four lifeboats are clear of the wreckage of the sinking ships.


Timeline of Events

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