* Mark Chambers

Truck stop survivor.


Mark Chambers was a truck driver before the shit went down. At 27 years old, Mark wasn’t driving because he loved the road or felt called to it, he was driving because he wanted to bank some money and see the country before settling down. Plus, he felt like his own boss on the road. Still, it wasn’t something he wanted to do for more than a few years. Then, the dead got up and started walking while Mark was making a run from L.A. to Dallas. He was somewhere outside of Reno when the shit hit the fan. Not knowing what else to do, he continued heading in the general direction he was heading in the first place. Hell, at some point, he figured he might head northeast toward St. Louis and check on his sister.

Mark picked up a few others along the way, including a pretty young thing named Juanita Marquez. Mark ran out of gas in the wrong place. The run to try and get some diesel in the truck cost the lives of all three of his companions and almost cost his own. The past week or so, he’s been too scared to venture outside much, living on the leftovers in the truck stop and MRE’s that were leftover from whatever battle took place here.

Mark’s weapons of choice since becoming trapped at the truck stop are a variety of large tools and a spiked baseball bat he created.

* Mark Chambers

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