* Dr. Alicia Stone



Alicia Stone is a research doctor working for UNIMED to find a vaccine or cure for the virus. She is a skilled doctor who works her required shifts at Sanctuary’s medical center and conducts research on the living dead by going out into the field with Alejandro’s team and capturing specimens to study.

When the outbreak occurred, Dr. Stone was doing shifts in the hospital’s neo-natal pediatric wing. The virus spread swiftly among the patients and she watched the innocent children turn into a horde of bloodthirsty, inhuman monsters, who nearly killed her before she escaped. She is still tormented by visions of this and has frequent nightmares unless she is sedated. This has led to her advocating the use of mild sedatives with patients who have been traumatized by their experiences since the outbreak. She knows that without adequate rest, even the best and brightest can make serious mistakes.

* Dr. Alicia Stone

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