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Welcome to the Main Page of the Beyond the Sea campaign wiki.

First, I’d like to present the Table Rules for this game. For my sanity and for the enjoyment of everyone at the table, these Table Rules will be enforced at every session.

Table Rules

1.) NO PHONES: There will be no cell phone use at the gaming table. If you get a call and you have to take it, just excuse yourself and step away from the table. The gaming table isn’t the place to surf Facebook or YouTube or use any other social media, apps or other functions.

2.) AT THE TABLE MEANS IN THE GAME: If you’re at the gaming table, you’re in the game. That means all conversation is directly related to the current game. If you want to talk about a movie or video game, including SW:TOR, you need to step away from the table at an appropriate time.

3.) TENT-UP MEANS IN-CHARACTER: I will be making everyone tent cards for their characters with pertinent character information on them and the photo you select for your character on the front (GM facing) side. If your tent card is up and visible, you are in-character. You should speak from your character’s point-of-view and mindset and in the first-person. When I am portraying an NPC, I will have their photo visible on my GM’s screen.

Also, please read my thoughts on character creation, role-playing, respect, and trust.

Thank you for your cooperation with the above!

What you need to read:

First, you need to check out The World As We Know It.

The characters are “Average Joe Normals.” There are no paranormal or supernatural abilities. They are all normal people who happen to be on the same cruise ship at the same time. Also, very few, if any, of you came aboard this cruise alone. Many of you may have brought a spouse or significant other, or even your children. If you’re looking for character ideas, check out the Archetypes page.

Next, please refer to Creating a Character: Step One. This must be completed before you move on to the next steps of character creation. After you’ve finished that step, please read the other Character Creation pages for further reference on any special rules for the game (there are several – please read them) like Values, the Sanity Trait, the Guts Skill, and several additional and restricted Edges and Hindrances.

There are a few Hindrances that would greatly increase your role-playing opportunities, as well as increasing the dramatic tension for your character: Code of Honor, Heroic, Loyal, and Responsibility to Others. Explaining your Hindrance in your backstory is crucial.

Even though the characters are all average, ordinary, normal people, there are still a few skills that would be extremely beneficial for each of the characters to have at least a d4 in at least one of these: Driving, Guts, Healing, Notice, Persuasion, Repair, Survival, and Tracking. Really, everyone should invest at least a d4 in Guts and maybe even Notice.

Since the characters are just normal people, they’re not likely to have much more than a d4 (if anything) in Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing. If they do have these skills, they would most likely be from prior military service, work in law enforcement, or participation in sports (such as martial arts classes as a child, fencing class in college, pub brawls, or being on the corporate softball team, unless the character is an athlete). If your character has any of these skills, they should be explained in your character background.

For Gear, you will start the game equipped with the typical items you would pack for a 7-night cruise from Charleston, SC to Bermuda and the Bahamas. I won’t make you spend your starting money on that (things like several changes of clothing, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, swim trunks/bathing suit, camera with film/batteries/etc.) stuff, and I will give you necessary “adventuring” gear when it becomes necessary. You may use your starting money as cruise money for the things you might need to purchase on the ship (meals are included in the price of your ticket, but alcoholic beverages and gambling are not).

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