Character Creation: Sanity Trait

Sanity is a measure of a character’s mental well-being and resistance to terrible events around him. It is worn down by scenes of carnage or contact with terrible foes. It is bolstered by triumphing over adversity, rest and relaxing, or even counseling from trained professionals.

A character’s Sanity starts at 2 plus half the character’s Spirit. If the character’s Spirit increases permanently, his Sanity also increases by +1. If his Spirit decreases permanently, his Sanity is also decreased by -1. Sanity is never affected by temporary changes to Spirit.

High Sanity means a character is well-grounded and stable, while lover numbers mean he’s mentally fragile and prone to depression, paranoia, or delusions.

Any time a character fails a Guts check, he suffers the usual effects and loses one point of Sanity as well. A character who fails and rolls a 1 on his Skill die (Guts) loses two points of Sanity.

Characters with a Sanity of 2 or less are noticeable odd. People don’t feel comfortable around them, and they have a hard time fitting in. The player should pick a Minor Habit to play until the character’s Sanity is 3 or higher.

If a character’s Sanity drops to 0, he becomes genuinely deranged and must roll on the Psychosis Table. Sanity can’t go below 0. If it would normally be lost, the character rolls again on the Psychosis Table. If duplicate results are rolled, the problem becomes worse.

Characters can recover Sanity under any one of four conditions:
1. Major Triumph: The characters score a decisive victory over a major foe.
2. Personal Achievement: The character achieves a major personal goal.
3. Protecting others: The characters successfully protect a helpless or dependent NPC or group of NPC’s.
4. Humanization: The character has a chance to do something that takes him far from the horrors of the world and gives him a chance to regain some semblance of humanity.

Under any of the above circumstances, the character(s) may make a Spirit roll. If the roll is a success, he regains a point of Sanity, plus an additional point for each raise, up to his maximum limit.

Character Creation: Sanity Trait

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