Character Creation: Edges

Disallowed Edges

The following Edges from the Savage Worlds Deluxe core rules (listed in order of appearance) may not be taken during this game:

Arcane Background
Arcane Resistance
Improved Arcane Resistance
New Power
Power Points
Rapid Recharge
Improved Rapid Recharge
Soul Drain
Holy/Unholy Warrior
Mr. Fix-It
Power Surge

New Edges

The following new Edges may be taken as the character meets the pre-requisites:

Background Edges

Requirements: Novice
Before the apocalypse, your character was nationally (perhaps internationally) known, mostly positively. Even now, there’s a high chance that he’ll be recognized by anyone he encounters. The character gets a +2 Charisma bonus, and gains the benefits of the Rich Edge.
However, fame can be a double-edged sword. Sure, some survivors give your hero special treatment, but
others are unimpressed with his charms and will go out of their way to torment him or target him first, either to vent frustration with a failed society, or in a twisted attempt to win “cred” in the eyes of their fellow scum.
This Edge is essentially a variation on the Noble Edge from Savage Worlds. In the event the character has both Edges, they cannot be combined to stack with each other for duplicated effects.

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
Your character is truly driven. As a result of this dogged determination, Relentless characters who get a success to recover from being Shaken may take a single action.

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d10+
Whether highly educated, well-read, or simply in touch with their surroundings, this character seems to know a little bit about everything, and can readily call upon that knowledge when needed. This character makes Common Knowledge rolls without penalty.

Well Adjusted
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Smarts d6+
Your character is the down-to-earth sort, who keeps things in perspective and manages to contend with whatever life has to throw their way. Increase his Sanity by +1.

Combat Edges

Ambush Specialist
Requirements: Seasoned, Stealth d8+
The character is an expert at striking from hidden vantage points. Whenever an opponent would make a Notice check to determine surprise against the character’s attack, the roll suffers a –2 penalty.

Improved Ambush Specialist
Requirements: Veteran, Ambush Specialist
The character is highly trained at striking from ambush. In addition to the –2 penalty to the Notice check to detect the ambush, the opponent suffers a penalty equal to the degree of cover the character is hiding behind as well as for lighting conditions.

Disarm Mastery
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8+, Martial Artist
The character excels at removing an opponent’s weapon in melee combat. He makes
an opposed Fighting roll against his opponent. With a success, the adversary
drops his weapon. With a raise, the opponent is Shaken and the weapon flies 1d4
random inches away or the character may elect to take it if he has one or both hands

Edge the Chase
Requirements: Novie, Agility d8+
The character is adept at gaining the upper hand when involved in a chase. Once during a chase, the character can make an Agility roll as a free action. On a success, he is dealt another card and keeps the better of the two. On a raise, he can either be dealt a new card, or skip the redraw and swap his card for that of one of his opponents, thereby putting himself in a better position over them.

Improved Edge the Chase
Requirements: Seasoned, Edge the Chase
The character can now make an Agility roll to change his card twice per chase.

Fast Strike
Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d8+, Fighting d8+
The character has learned to fight with great dexterity — moving in and striking
quickly, then moving away before his opponent can react. If the character can
move at least 2” before making an attack, he may strike and withdraw from
combat without the target, or any other opponents, receiving a free attack. The
character is still subject to First Strike attacks from adjacent foes as normal.

One-Armed Bandit
Requirements: Novice, Agility d6+, Strength d8+
Since the outbreak, many a survivor has lost a limb due to emergency amputations after being bitten. Some have learned to adapt by bracing a weapon differently, or even by creating special modifications to make it easier to hold with one hand.
The character can wield most normally two-handed weapons with one hand, as long as his Strength is at least one step higher than the Minimum Strength required to use the weapon without penalty. For particularly awkward weapons, the GM may still require you to come up with an explanation as to how you manage to wield it. With a chainsaw, perhaps you start it by pulling the cord with your teeth (ouch!), but for something like a bow and arrow, you’re going to have to be much more creative.

Survivor of the Dead
Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8+, Shooting d6+
The character is trained for combating the Living Dead. When making a called shot to the head against the ghouls, the penalty is reduced by 2 points.

Requirements: Novice, Fighting d8+
The character is trained in how to throw or trip an opponent. Make an opposed
Fighting roll versus the target. Each Size category difference incurs a –2 penalty.
With a success, the now prone opponent may be placed in any spot within 1”of
the character. With a raise, the opponent is prone and Shaken; if already Shaken, he
takes a wound.

Requirements: Seasoned, Ace
This character is a demon behind the wheel, able to fire any one-handed weapon while
driving without suffering a multi-action penalty. When using the Chase rules,
he receives an additional Action card with a success or better on his Driving roll
when he’s the driver.

Leadership Edges

Requirements: Seasoned, Command, Persuasion d8+
When under this character’s command, his follower’s gain great courage and add +2 to their Guts checks for Fear.

Professional Edges

Black Marketeer
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+ Persuasion d6+, Streetwise d8+
Some brokers on the Black Market are experts in their trade, maintaining extensive contacts and able to send out feelers for just about anything. Instead of having to take the Connections Edge for each contact, the character gets use of the Connections Edge, as though he possessed it normally, by spending a Benny. This is a single use per Benny spent, but can apply to a new contact each time it is used.
Additionally, the character receives a +2 to bartering rolls for buying and selling goods through the market.

Bounty Hunter
Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Fighting d8+, Streetwise d8+
Bounty Hunters are trained at tracking both the living and Living Dead. When using those particular skills to hunt the target, they receive a +2 to Streetwise and Tracking.
Bounty Hunters are also a much-needed resource throughout the Rotter Lands, and the true professionals carry some weight. Whenever bartering for a contract’s price, such professionals gain +2 to the Persuasion roll.

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Repair d8+
The character adds +2 to Repair rolls. With a raise, he halves the time normally required
to fix something. This means if a particular Repair job can be accomplished in half
the time with a raise, an engineer could finish the job in one-fourth the time.

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Repair d8+
The character knows his way around vehicles, and receives +2 to the Repair roll for fixing and modifying the things.

Requirements: Novice, Healing d8+, Knowledge (Medicine) d8+
Physicians have dedicated their lives to the science of healing. Characters with the Physician Edge add +2 to Healing rolls. This is cumulative with the Healer Edge.

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Fighting d8+, Guts d8+, Shooting d6+, Taunt d6+
The character is an expert at combating the Living Dead and bringing closure to their ghoulish existence. When making a called shot to the head against the creatures, the penalty is reduced by 2 points. Additionally, the character receives a +2 to Taunt when distracting the Living Dead.

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+, Survival d6+, Tracking d6+
The character is adept at finding food, shelter, and supplies, and adept at avoiding hostile forces within urban areas. Scavengers gain +2 to Stealth, Survival, and Tracking rolls made when in towns and cities.

Requirements: Seasoned, Agility d10+, Thief
A master of infiltration, this character gains +1 to Climbing, Lockpicking
and Stealth rolls. These benefits stack with those gained from the Thief Edge.

Requirements: Novice, Jack-of-all-Trades
The character is an amazing source of wide and varied information that can be dredged
up at a moment’s notice. He may spend a benny to have any Smarts-based skill at
d6 for the remainder of the scene.

Requirements: Novice, Survival d6+, Tracking d6+
Your character has a +1 bonus to any rolls relating to setting, disarming, or detecting mechanical traps. In addition, he is adept at observing likely paths prey might take, given the local obstacles, line of sight, positioning of bait, et cetera, and knows just the right spot to place a trap for maximum effect.
When your character places a trap, the area is secretly under a Large Burst Template centered on the trap. When anyone enters the area of effect (except for the trapper and anyone else he’s informed about the trap’s location), the trapper makes a Tracking check with the +1 Bonus, and is opposed by the victim’s Notice. On a success, the trap was placed in just the right spot for the victim to step into it; and on a raise, the trap does an extra d6 of damage.
Please note that individuals with a complete lack of self-preservation instinct (such as the less intelligent forms of the Living Dead) are not looking for traps, and haven’t the sense to avoid trip-lines and the like, so they are treated as automatically rolling only a “1” for their Notice check.
Traps might consist of things such as tripwires tied to the pin of a grenade or to some noise-making cans, or even a bear trap.

Social Edges

Requirements: Veteran, Spirit d8+
You’ve seen bloated bodies explode in the sweltering heat, you’ve heard Shamblers moaning for weeks on end as they lay siege to your bunker, or you’ve had to go rummaging around in the innards of the dead to retrieve a ring from someone’s finger that got bitten off. Whatever your story, and even if you might still run away on general principle, the Living Dead just don’t impress you like they used to.
Quite simply, your character is immune to Fear and Nausea checks caused by the Living Dead, whether they shuffle, sprint, or crawl, and by the effects of the Moan, whether it’s high-pitched or low. There are still plenty of other things in the world to be terrified by, of course, so don’t get cocky.

Competent Ally
Requirements: Novice, Wild Card
A chosen allied Extra accompanying the hero is now considered Competent, rolling a Wild Die with all trait checks and able to take Edges that require Wild Card. In all other respects, the character is still an Extra. This Edge does not suddenly conjure up an ally for the character, nor does it grant the player any sort of influence or control over this Extra that wasn’t there before. The Extra needn’t be human; this could be applied toward a faithful animal companion such as a horse or dog, for instance.
If this ally should be slain or leave the party indefinitely, the benefit from this Edge may be assigned to another Extra after at least a week of getting to know the new fellow survivor.

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+
This character has seen things that would make most men lose their minds. Somehow he has hardened himself to it and live with what he has seen. If the hero makes his Smarts roll, he gains one extra point of Sanity during “down time.”

Sound Mind
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
This character has learned to cope with the harsher realities of the world. Increase his Sanity by +2.

Survivor Field Commander
Requirements: Seasoned, Common Bond
The character is highly trained and experienced at leading his fellow survivors into battle. When performing a Gang Up, the Survivor Field Commander provides an additional +1 bonus as long as at least one other ally is adjacent to the target.
Furthermore, the character can coordinate his team to such a degree that they can apply the Gang Up rules to attacks that use the Shooting or Throwing skills, with the same +4 maximum bonus as per the normal. The attackers do not have to be adjacent to the target, but must all be within Short range.

Survivor Leader
Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
The character is a natural leader and gifted at pulling people together for a common cause. This Edge can be taken at character creation and once per experience rank (including at Novice rank). Each time the Edge is taken, the character gains 2 Influences to spend on survivor towns.

Weird Edges

Lie Detector
Requirements: Novice, Notice d6+
The character has the strange ability to know when others are not telling the truth. The character’s Notice is considered one die type greater for making a check to detect falsehood.

Requirements: Novice
Dark dreams or flashing visions of doom and dread fill this character’s thoughts. While they are disturbing, they are often useful as well. Once per game session, the visionary is granted a vision. This may be a sudden flash that can occur at any time, or it may be an active process such as reading tea leaves or tarot cards. The GM will describe the results. Immediately after, the visionary must make a Smarts roll. If the roll is failed, the visions take their toll on her mind, confusing fantasy with reality or the past with the present. The visionary loses 1 point of Sanity.

Character Creation: Edges

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