Tag: Texas


  • * Charlie Johnson

    Charlie Johnson lived in Dallas before everything went to hell. He watched the military not only abandon the city, but witnessed them shooting innocent, uninfected civilians, including his wife Melanie, and their three children. As the only survivor of …

  • * William Collins

    William "Billy" Collins lived in a small town outside Memphis, TN before the world fell apart. He barely escaped the Memphis Rescue Center when it fell, and spent the next few weeks wandering alone and hungry before he Charlie found him outside Dallas/Ft. …

  • * Patricia Nelson

    Patricia is one of the longest surviving members of Reverend Killian Waller's congregation. She does not like Charlie's group all that much, but is thankful for their protection.

  • * Bethany Lawrence

    Bethany wasn't an original member of Reverend Waller's congregation. She joined up about a month after Charlie and William and their men. Bethany has a lot of spunk and a never say die attitude. She can curse like a sailor and can defend herself as well. …

  • * Bobby Levinson

    Bobby Levinson is big... Texas big. He is one of Charlie's group and is next in command after William. He can shoot and fight and is an asset when the shit hits the fan.

  • Davy Wilson

    Davy is the 8 year old son of one of Charlie's men. His mother never came home from work on the day of the outbreak and Davy has retreated into a protective shell since then. His father protects him, but Davy can often be found hiding when things go wrong.