* Timothy Hickman

Chemistry teacher and young father


Continued from Monica Cartwright’s bio entry.

As his daughter Samantha’s symptoms worsened, Tim made the decision to leave Cherry Point under the cover of a bad storm, a hurricane actually, that was moving up the coast. While the winds weren’t anywhere near what they were offshore, there were some strong gusts and torrents of rain. They managed to find a way down to the creek late at night and again find a fortuitously placed boat, this one a small rescue raft, and sneak out of the station. From there, they picked their way slowly overland to the outskirts of Newport, NC and found a small group of survivors hiding in a small, secluded mobile home park aptly named Croatan Ridge Estates. That group told them that the area was ruled by a group of tyrannical bikers, the Ghost Riders, and their leader, who calls himself Hell Feurrie. The group also told them that Morehead City and Beaufort were overrun already, so they best leave Hwy 70 because it was a death trap. Leaving Croatan Ridge behind before the bikers or the walkers discovered it, Timothy, Monica, and Samantha left Hwy 70 as instructed, and found their way to St. Jude’s By the Sea Lutheran Church. By this time, there were only a few refugees there. The military and Red Cross had already pulled out of the area. The pastor of the church stayed behind to try and save any stragglers that showed up, like Tim, Monica, Samantha, and the rest of the group that was hunkered down inside the building.

Unfortunately, before they could get off Hwy 70, they were making their way slowly past a wreck, when Monica tripped on a piece of debris and fell next to an overturned car. The thing trapped under the car barely nicked her skin with its teeth before she scrambled away. Terrified, didn’t tell anyone about the encounter, instead telling Tim she screamed because the fall scared her and there was a dead person trapped under there, not mentioning that the thing was now a walker.

When her symptoms failed to show up after a couple of days, Monica began to believe she had escaped a close call without contracting the disease. Meanwhile, at the church, her contractions started to come right about the time a group showed up in an RV with a doctor. At least there would be a doctor around when it was time for the baby to be born. The thought was reassuring to both of them. Also, maybe she’d be able to treat Samantha and shut up that fool, David Brooks.

* Timothy Hickman

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