* Samantha Hickman

Scared, sick child


Samantha Hickman is the 9 year old daughter of Timothy Hickman and his deceased wife Sabrina Hickman. Her mother was killed in an auto accident just after Samantha’s 5th birthday.

Samantha really likes her “nanny” Monica. She was hoping Monica and her dad would get together, because it would be like having a mom and a big sister all in one.

Samantha got sick with flu-like symptoms while they were staying at a place called Cherry Point. She hasn’t been bitten, but she keeps having strange dreams. Kimmy and Brooke were in her dreams even before she met them at St. Jude’s. She doesn’t understand what happened back at St. Jude’s with her nanny Monica, but she knows it was bad, and now Monica is gone. Just like her mommy. Maybe they’re together now. At least she’s with Kimmy and Brooke now. And Kimmy’s mom seems nice too. And Kimmy’s dad punched that mean Mr. Brooks.

* Samantha Hickman

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