* Reverend Killian Waller

Peaceful Reverend


Rev. Killian Waller is the twin brother of Lucas Waller. Like his brother, Killian was born in Texas and grew up on his family’s cattle ranch. After high school, Killian wanted to become a doctor, but he did not do well in his pre-medical studies, so he attended the Dallas Theological Seminary. Upon graduation, Killian felt called to join the military, and served in the U.S. Army as a chaplain and also received medic training. After leaving the military, Killian was called to pastor a small rural church in southwest Texas.

When the dead began to walk, Reverend Waller began to lead his flock north after the government failed in Texas. He was leading his people toward the promised salvation of the Citizen Relocation Zone in Colorado. Unfortunately, he was not a successful protector of his people and, until Charlie and William joined the group with their men, Reverend Waller’s flock lost many members, including most of his original congregation. His failures weigh heavily on Killian, but he feels he is doing what work he can for his God.


* Reverend Killian Waller

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