Lucas Waller

Sheriff of Ghost Town In the Sky


Lucas Waller was a cattle rancher back in his home state of Texas, but he’s always had a passion for history. He never bragged about it, but after he graduated from Pinebox High School (class of 1984), Lucas earned a Masters Degree in History from East Texas State University (ETSU) in 1990. He served in the ROTC during his time at ETSU and served his country as an officer in the US Army. After serving in Somalia in the during the early 90’s, returned to Texas and began running his parents’ cattle ranch. His collection of weaponry from the Texas frontier days is truly impressive. He owns several weapons that are alleged to be from the Battle of the Alamo.

When the economy collapsed in 2008, Lucas lost the whole ranch, which had been heavily leveraged to creditors for some time. He drifted to western North Carolina and caught on as a park historian at Ghost Town in the Sky. He was there for 3 years when the dead started walking. He lived a few miles away from the park, in a small town (and even calling it a town was being generous) nestled in a quiet valley. He doesn’t like to talk about what happened when the crisis started, but he gathered up all of the dozen or so families nearby and took care of them for almost two weeks before the area became too dangerous. That was when Lucas got the idea to try and get them to Ghost Town In the Sky.

Once they reached the amusement park, the original group began to fortify it. Lucas made supply runs to nearby towns and hunted for food. While on one of his supply runs, Lucas came across another group of survivors in another little village and led them to the park as well.

Lucas has been living his role of Sheriff of Ghost Town In the Sky ever since he saved his own neighbors. When he tried to gather up the survivors and get them to cooperate, at first nobody listened. When he went back and put on his sheriff’s costume, people paid attention to him. They looked to him for guidance and safety. As a result, he always wears his black hat and duster, along with his shiny metal badge. That is where the costume ends. All of Lucas Waller’s weaponry is quite real. He wears a long kukri-like machete strapped behind each shoulder. He keeps a Colt Peacemaker holstered to each hip, and carries an old Springfield model 1903 rifle.

“Sheriff” Waller now spends his days seeking out more survivors to bring to the safety of Ghost Town In the Sky and keeping order in “his” town.

Lucas Waller

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