Jeff Murray

Typical clueless guy


Jeff Murray is the husband of Caitlin Murray and the father of Barbara and Lina Murray. He was an accountant in his father’s firm in Pittsburgh before the outbreak. Jeff has not been coping well with the end of the world.

Jeff was born into wealth and his parents have always provided him with everything he needs or wants. His job at his father’s accounting firm was handed to him, as he was expected to one day take over the firm.

Jeff and Caitlin have had a rocky relationship from the beginning. Caitlin has always been adamant about making it on their own and not accepting handouts from Jeff’s family. Every time they showered the kids with gifts, it made her angry, which Jeff always brushed off.

Jeff was a pack-a-day smoker before the dead started walking and has been on the edge whenever he couldn’t get his nicotine fix. His habit has long cause tension with his health conscious wife. She was glad to see him quit them and get into shape as they’ve made their way away from the death trap that their city had become. She believes that staying in shape and keeping a clear mind will keep them alive. Jeff wants to find a group that their little family can join to gain the benefit of safety in numbers and superior weaponry. Jeff loves his daughters, but isn’t convinced that their little family is safe in this new world alone.

Jeff Murray

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