Jason Kirkman

Pinnacle Conquest Chief of Security


Jason Kirkman has worked for Pinnacle Cruise Lines for 7 years. Back in 2005, he returned to the states after his third tour in Afghanistan and was hired by the company as a security officer. After three years, he was named Chief of Security, and has filled that position on a number of Pinnacle’s ships. This is his first cruise aboard the Conquest, since it was recently purchased and extensively overhauled by Mr. Forthington and this is the ship’s first cruise as a Pinnacle ship.

Kirkman doesn’t really care for Forthington (who has been known to appropriate his security officers to clean up spills on the deck or rearrange furniture), but the pay is good and he gets to do what he if comfortable doing and see some exotic locations while doing it. He has assembled a good team of security officers for this cruise, since it is the largest ship in Pinnacle’s fleet and the largest Kirkman has ever served as chief aboard.

Kirkman usually does things by the book, referring passengers to their passenger rep for most issues. He takes his job seriously and sees himself as responsible for the lives of everyone on the ship, especially in this new post-911 world. Unfortunately, the solar storms have his team’s radios even more fucked up than normal, and he doesn’t like it, but knows that he has to work with what he has.

Jason Kirkman

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