1st Sgt Jacob Michael "Jake" Hauser

Competent, but beleaguered Marine


1st Sgt Hauser is an outstanding Marine. He just wasn’t prepared for the dead to get back up and start walking. Hell, nobody was. The number of American citizens who had succumbed to the virus in the first 48 hours was staggering. The balancing act of protecting survivors and stopping outbreaks is excruciating.

1st Sgt Hauser was left in charge of the Rescue Station side of Camp LeJeune in the weeks after the outbreak. He had to process the survivors as quickly as possible, yet still try to assure that no persons who were bitten made it through to the inner station. How many times had he given Order 37 to the Marines guarding the bullpen? He wasn’t even sure. It would have been too painful to keep track. He had to coordinate communications with any and all government facilities that were still online, defend his position from within and without, deal with countless desertions, keep operating with equipment that was going without regular maintenance, and deal with dwindling fuel supplies and an ammo and ordnance shortage that wasn’t going to get any better.

When they lost the city, Hauser knew it would only be a matter of time. He was hoping to get as many of the remaining refugees, whose number had slowed to little more than a trickle, onto planes and in the air before all hell broke loose.

And who the hell was Gy Sgt Odenson to act like he didn’t know what the hell he was doing? So the guy got his people off a cruise ship. He and his people had saved maybe 50 people from 3,000 or so of the things. At the height of the crisis, Hauser was flying out 300 people per day while millions of the things terrorized the entire country, knocked out dozens of cities, forced overwhelmed other rescue stations… hell, the damn things shut down D.C. Still, he admired the man. He would be useful in keeping this station as secure as possible for as long as possible.

1st Sgt Jacob Michael "Jake" Hauser

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