Heidi Simpleton

Free-spirited Best Friend


Heidi Simpleton is a free-spirited young woman. Much like Alison, she lived in a well-to-do neighborhood, but also knows the value of hard work. However, unlike Alison, Heidi is more relaxed and bubbly. She is of the mind that as long as the job gets done, why can’t she have fun- where Alison must make sure the job is done right before any fun is had. In the end, both girls have a lot of fun together and Heidi is determined to make Alison see that her way is better. Alison assures her that once her career is over, she will relax (though this drive to succeed is always present in everything she does).

Both young ladies have entertained as hostesses at dinner parties in their neighborhoods. The neighbors are fine in the beginning, but get too “friendly” as the evening progresses and Alison must try to play nice for appearances. In contrast, Heidi doesn’t mind the attention as much since they are all people she grew up around anyway.

Heidi Simpleton

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