Doctor Jacob Lewis

Small Town Doctor


Doctor Jacob Lewis moved to Pink Hill from the Pacific Northwest about four years ago and took over the small town’s family medical practice when the town’s previous doctor retired and moved to Florida. He has been a good doctor since then. His bedside manner is excellent and he is good with children and adults alike.

When the outbreak came to Pink Hill, Dr. Lewis’ brother came to town from nearby Beulahville and took charge of the town’s defenses. Dr. Lewis developed protocols to quickly identify symptoms of the virus. He has become efficient at looking for bites and identifying victims before the disease had progressed far.

The rumor around town is that Dr. Lewis once worked for the government in some medical research capacity. It is presumed that Dr. Lewis’ strong distrust of the government stems from this time in his past. It is also assumed that the government’s inability to contain the outbreak didn’t help with this. Both of the Lewis brothers believe in self-reliance and community, not in relying on the government or some outside force for protection or salvation. Everyone works together, everyone survives together. Division is weakness. This philosophy has served them, and the town, well.

Doctor Jacob Lewis

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