* Chinelo Martinez

Walking Anachronism


Chinelo was an anomaly even before the outbreak. Chinelo, a black latino, was an avid player of both video games and tabletop role-playing games. His hero was Vin Diesel. Chinelo was a member of the SCA for years and a history major in college.

During the early days of the outbreak, Chinelo was trapped in his college dorm when it caught fire. He battled the flames and the walking dead as he escaped the conflagration. Burned and scared, Chinelo broke into a bar on the waterfront near campus. After treating his wounds the best he could using the first aid kit in the bar, he ripped a whaling spear off the wall and wandered the streets, using the spear to defend himself from the walking dead. In his feverish state, he ripped off most of his clothes and fashioned his shirt into a loincloth. He found that using substances like charcoal, paints, and whatever he could find to paint his body tended to scare off any bandits, since most of them seemed to avoid a huge, mostly naked black man with horrific burn scars, wearing only a loincloth and warpaint, and carrying a huge spear.

Dr. Stone and Alejandro found Chinelo on one of their earliest expeditions and treated his wounds back at Sanctuary. When he recovered, he quickly found a spot on Alejandro’s team.

* Chinelo Martinez

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