Captain Jonathan A. "J.A." Romero

Captain of the Pinnacle Conquest


Captain Jonathan “J.A.” Romero has been plying the seas on the bridge of luxury ocean liners for more than 3 decades. Formerly an employee of Princess Cruise Lines, there was some sort of scandal, possibly involving a too-young girl in some foreign port, the details are unclear, and Captain Romero found himself out-of-work.

Enter Edward Forthington, to the rescue. He hired Captain Romero, paid off the right people, and the entire scandal disappeared; the media is so fickle, after all. Now, the good captain is a Pinnacle employee.

“J.A.” is not a decisive man, often considering all possible courses of action thoroughly before deciding the best one. He is a company man, through and through, and knows that whether he likes it or not (he doesn’t), he owes his career, his reputation, and his livelihood to Mr. Edward Forthington.

Captain Jonathan A. "J.A." Romero

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