* Alejandro Cortes

Strike Team Leader


The son of UNIMED scientist Manuel Cortes, Alejandro grew into a troubled teen. Developing a taste for adventure, Alejandro was first arrested at the age of 13. By the time he was 17, Alejandro was already smuggling guns and drugs back and forth across the US/Mexican border. In his early 20’s, Alejandro graduated from mule to enforcer, working to protect the interests of a Mexican cartel in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

When the outbreak occurred, Alejandro abandoned his operations and fled to Fort Smith to protect his family. After watching his father succumb to the “Rage” virus and having to fight for his life to put down his own father, Alejandro vowed to protect his blind sister Damaris at all costs.

Alejandro’s skills were soon put to good use by UNIMED, as he assembled and trained a team to hunt the living dead for the corporation and as bodyguards for Dr. Alicia Stone during her research expeditions.

He doesn’t really care about what happens to UNIMED, as his only oath is to his sister. He takes care of his team and values the safety that Sanctuary provides.

* Alejandro Cortes

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