Beyond the Sea

Season 2, Episode 10

The Fall of Sanctuary

Season 2, Episode 10

New Cast Member:
Alec Montgomery – A former police officer and SWAT captain who has been stuck in Sanctuary.

As the group made their trek back through the sewers to the entrance in the ruins of the flower shop, Trip, who was left there to help guard the escape route, noticed the remaining brutes that had been lurking on rooftops nearby seemed to pull back and disappear into the night. Those who were left behind at Sanctuary noticed the same phenomenon at about the same time.

The group returned to Sanctuary and was greeted by Dr. Alicia Stone, who was there to treat any wounded and get them to the clinic. After treating Dallas, Dr. Stone had a number of questions for the group. She postulated her theory to them that the creatures were not actually dead, but instead a completely different species. She expressed her desire for more subjects for study purposes, and Mike volunteered that he would gather “test subjects” for her.

Mike’s offer prompted a glare from Caitlin. Since Jeff’s death at the hands of the raiders back at Fort Smith, Caitlin had been finding solace in Mike’s arms… and bed. Caitlin lashed out at Mike. She had lost her entire family already. Mike was the only thing she had left to live for and she didn’t want to lose him. Mike informed her that he was NOT Jeff and would not be controlled in that way. He told her they were all dead anyway and the only thing they could choose anymore was how they went. Better to do it in the pursuit of a cure than hiding from the inevitable somewhere. As the argument wound down, it was decided that Trip and Morrison would go to the clinic and inform Fabiana that her husband was dead, and then go to inform the parents of the lost children. Before they could leave, the alarms started going off.

Looking around at the brightly illuminated perimeter fence, which still wasn’t fully repaired from the previous attack the night before, revealed hundreds, maybe thousands of the hulking brutes at the forefront of a veritable army of the living dead. They were testing the perimeter for the weak spots and concentrating their efforts on bringing the fence down at those points. Morrison started barking out orders and Sanctuary’s defenses came to life, with gun emplacements, tanks and Humvees aiming their weapons at the tide of creatures at the gates. Alejandro and several other members of his team ran to their armored RV and swung it around so the side-mounted guns could be brought to bear on the enemy. The chaos was increased by the roar of engines from above Sanctuary. Two helicopters were seen taking off from the roof of the UniMed high rise. Mike considered taking shots at them, but opted to save his bullets for the battle ahead.

Sensing the futility of the situation at hand, the group decided it would be a good time to gather the rest of their group and make an escape. Waylon, Trip, and Allison decided to head for the UniMed building to see if there were any more helicopters on the roof. Mike and Caitlin went to gather the rest of the group, including the children, Kimmy and Samantha.

After fighting their way to the UniMed building, Waylon, Trip, and Allison made it to the secure doors that blocked the third floor, where some of UniMed’s security personnel had set up a choke point. They were almost shot there, until Waylon got the attention of the men blocking the stairway above them. They learned that, though some generator power was still operable, much of the building was dark, and some of UniMed’s more covert experiments were in control of some parts of the tower above. The small group of security officers were fighting enemies from above and below. Abandoning their plan to look for a helicopter, and reassured by the security team that there were none remaining on the roof, Waylon, Trip, Allison, and several security officers made their way to what served as Sanctuary’s motor pool enclosure. The group’s vehicles were there and would be needed. Thomas had spent most of his time in Sanctuary making sure they were in good running order, so they felt certain they would be ready to go, and hoped to find Thomas there.

As Mike and Caitlin approached the building housing the rest of their group, they were greeted by the sight of Waylon’s dog, Maggie, leading the children towards them. Nearby, the remnants of Morrison’s small army were attempting to gather for a retreat, Morrison’s now familiar voice barking orders and trying to secure the small area. His men had several tanks and Humvees gathered, but the scene was utter chaos in every direction. The living dead, the citizens of Sanctuary, and Morrison’s men were all fighting each other. The group had seen atrocities committed by all sides, and had fought for their lives just to get here.

Alejandro’s RV joined the small column of vehicles just before Waylon, Trip, and Allison arrived with the group’s RV, panel truck, and Humvee. Morrison ordered his men to load up and told the group they needed to get out of here now, and not try to be heroes or they’d all be dead. Waylon argued that they had a responsibility to save as many people as possible. There was a brief argument but, sensing that time was running out, Morrison told Waylon he was sending them all to their death, and allowed fleeing citizens to take all extra seats in the vehicles.

There was far too much chaos and far too little time to account for who was with the convoy and who wasn’t, but Trip did notice that Fabiana was not with them. He pled his case that she was the most knowledgeable doctor about this mess, outside of maybe Dr. Stone, that he knew, and that she needed to be accounted for. Dr. Stone had last seen her at the clinic with Brook’s body, so Alejandro turned his RV and headed back through the gauntlet to the clinic, where his team rescued Fabiana, secured Brook’s body, and joined the end of the convoy as they began their retreat from the fallen city.




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