Beyond the Sea

Season 1, Episode 5


After negotiations end, while Dr. Winters is checking the bikers, Hell allows Bryce to check on all of his people. When he is near Breckenridge, the mercenary calls Bryce over and, though he is still wounded, asks Bryce to allow him to accompany them into Beaufort, telling him they will need his survival skills and military training. Bryce declines the offer and, when out of Breckenridge’s hearing, tries to tell Hell that the mercenary is not one of his group and should be watched. Hell tells Bryce that all of the hostages are part of the group and if Breckenridge tries anything crazy, the rest of the hostages will be held accountable. Bryce then decides to take Breckenridge along to Beaufort after all, because he doesn’t trust the mercenary not to put everyone at the house in danger.

Just before dawn, Hell lines everyone up on the front porch of the Stevenson home and binds their hands for the trip into town. Trip and Fabiana have earned some good will from Hell so far, and Bryce has shown himself, in Hell’s eyes, to be a fairly competent leader of the group, so things are going fairly well… until Hell and his men attempt to bind Thomas’ hands. The marine refuses, telling Hell that he wasn’t scared of the Taliban, so he sure isn’t scared of some wannabe biker thugs). Hell pulls out a Desert Eagle and puts it to the Marine’s head, asking Thomas to give a reason why he shouldn’t shoot him right then and there. Thomas tells Hell to go ahead and shoot him if that’s what he feels he needs to do, but he’s not letting anyone tie his hands. Out in the trees, Mike tightens his grip on his SMG, prepared to respond if things go sour. Brooke makes a plea to Hell that they will be responsible if anything happens and the deal still stands, just let the Marine’s hands go untied. This convinces Hell not to kill Thomas, just to knock him unconscious and tie his hands anyway. Hell pistol whips Thomas, but the Marine doesn’t go down. Instead, he punches Hell. Always ready for a brawl, Hell decides to settle things mano a mano. He hands his gun off to another biker and proceeds to beat Thomas to a pulp. The fight lasts long enough to the bikers to crowd around, laughing, betting, and having a good time at the Marine’s expense.

After Thomas is unconscious, Hell still allows Fabiana, whom he and his men now just call “Doc” as a show of respect, to treat Thomas’ wounds, and she does so quite effectively. After the brawl is over, the group, consisting of Bryce, Trip, Brooke, Alison, Henry, Breckenridge and an unconscious Thomas are loaded into a cube van that arrived sometime before dawn, along with a former Marine Humvee, now painted with the logo of the Ghost Riders. The small army drives to the outskirts of Beaufort and parks in the lot of a church that the Riders have been using as a base of operations. They’ve already looted the nearby Food Lion and the cycle shop about a block away, and have this small area of about a block or so, firmly under control.

While the group is driving to Beaufort, Mike is torn between trying to rescue the hostages or trying to follow the convoy. Eventually, his curiosity wins and he sneaks to the house, steals a motorcycle, walks it a few blocks, and then leaves in pursuit of the gang. He follows far behind them, with them just in view most of the time, until they reach the edge of town, where he ditches the bike on a back street and follows the group on foot as they muster outside the cycle shop.

Hell allows Bryce to have a couple of the 9mm’s from the cruise ship to hand out, with one clip each, so the group can be an effective distraction, figuring that if they shoot, they will attract more of the things to their position. They also allow them to bring a few of the fire axes from the ship. They head into town, with the group in front of the gang by about a block. The bikers have several crossbows and harpoon guns at the ready. Behind the main force of bikers, who are on foot, the cube truck and Humvee follow, with more bikers on foot beside and behind the vehicles. The bikes have been stashed at their fortified church. Mike is about a block east of the main street, keeping pace with the group as they enter the town.

As the group passes the cycle shop, Mike becomes aware of a horde of the creatures converging on him, so he climbs to the roof of a small shed attached to the cycle shop, and uses window ledges to climb to the main roof, staying low, so the bikers don’t see him as they pass. The group passes that intersection and the horde sees them and begins to follow them instead now that Mike is safely hidden on the roof. As they begin to spill out onto the main street in pursuit of the “bait” group, the group hears the Marine Apache attack helicopter as it flies low in the direction the horde came from, strafing them as it crosses the main street, knocking most of them down. The bikers make sure the wounded things are put down when they get to the intersection. There are still a few shambling after the bait group as Brooke breaks into the front door of a bar.

Once inside the bar, the group starts searching for any unopened liquor bottles left behind. They find a few, along with some bar towels, and leave the bar through the back door. Out in the street, the bikers hang back, waiting to see if their bait emerges from the bar. In the alley behind the bar, Mike catches up with the group as Brooke, who is turning out to be quite the repressed criminal, is breaking into the back door of an auto parts store. They update each other on everything that’s happened so far. While part of the group is searching the auto parts store, Alison sees a young boy limp across the back lot toward a nearby building. She investigates and discovers that he is one of the walking dead. Her and Bryce move in and take the thing down. Meanwhile, inside the auto parts store, the group finds a shopping cart and loads it with miscellaneous parts, some tire irons and crowbars, and a bottle of high octane fuel they found on a high shelf.

Leaving the auto parts store, Brooke is pushing the shopping cart. The group continues down the back alley around the fence of a garage. The head up the side street back toward the main street. As they continue up the side street, they notice someone who had climbed up a streetlight pole and died. As they pass under him, they discover that he has reanimated. As they continue to walk under the thing, he drops from the pole onto street right next to Mike. They stop long enough to beat the thing, with Bryce finally chopping its head open with his trusty fire axe. After dispatching the thing, the group loots the garage, but finds no working vehicles.

Back on the main street, the bikers see their bait reappear from the side street and start to move down another side street, breaking off toward the S-Mart. The group passes an emergency clinic and finds a large number of zombies barricaded inside. As they pass the barricaded building, a dog starts to bark loudly from the open window of a house across the street). Brooke wants to save the dog, but the group wants to leave the barking zombie magnet behind. As they debate, a woman emerges from the house next door, aiming her shotgun at the dog to shut the thing up. The group sees her just before the two zombies take her down from behind. They notice that the house she came from has sheet metal bolted over the windows, with gun ports cut into it. They go into the house and raid the well-stocked pantry and armory inside. They also find an empty, but fortified garage, with a reinforced door. As they return from the garage, a call comes over the CB radio in the house, “Eagle to base, come in base.” Thomas, the Marine picks up the handset and informs the male voice on the other end that the woman in the house has been killed with zombies, also identifying himself as Marine Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Odenson. The man “hopes they did the right thing” and were respectful to her body. He also tells them they better not have looted his house and that if they did, he’ll find them. They hear automatic gunfire in the background and assume the man will be killed and won’t need the guns, ammo, and food they looted. They leave the house and move on after Brooke rescues the dog from next door. Hearing that the automatic gunfire is coming from the area of the S-Mart, they assume not only that the bikers have reached their destination, but also that they are being killed by the opposition, especially after they see a pair of Humvees speeding in the direction of the S-Mart, and see the helicopter fly over again, heading in that direction.

The group finds a station wagon in the parking lot of the nearby McDonald’s and Thomas gets it running. As they load the supplies they looted into the back of the wagon, they find that Breckenridge has snuck away and disappeared at some point. They then take the car back to the Stevenson home to collect the hostages. When they arrive, Bryce, Alison, Brooke, and Trip go to the door, while Henry, Mike, and Thomas hide in the trees with the guns, several of which they looted from the fortified house. When a biker answers the door, they see that he is surprised to see them. They also see that several bikers have the wheelchair-bound vet strung up through the exposed rafters of the living room like a marionette, and they are pulling on the strings to “make him walk” around the living room.

Spiderbait comes to the door and Trip hits the deck, which is the signal to the three guys in the trees that things have gone badly for the hostages. Henry hits her a glancing blow, but Mike takes careful aim and puts a bullet right through Spiderbait’s left eye, splattering her brains all over the bikers behind her. The remaining bikers scramble to first defend themselves and then flee the scene after things begin to go badly for them. The group dispatches all eight of them, and finishes by making sure they don’t get up and start walking. They leave Spiderbait’s body where it fell in the doorway, since there is no danger of her reanimation with most of the back of her head missing.

When they venture cautiously into the house, to check on the hostages, they discover that the vet is alive and has no permanent injuries. They find that Spiderbait has turned the face of one of Brooke’s friends into a work of scarification art, and “had her way” with her as well. Other than they, they find the torture is limited to the psychological variety. Piling everyone into the RV and taking a few of the bikes, they leave the house behind, finding a minivan and a Dodge Magnum that they are able to get running at nearby houses, and heading in the direction of Jacksonville and and Camp LeJeune.


Only noticed one thing: Henry did shoot spiderbait, but it was just a glancing blow. Mike took the kill shot.

Season 1, Episode 5

Oops! Fixed!

Season 1, Episode 5

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