Welcome to Beyond the Sea!

A Few Words About Plot and Structure

As we go into this new game together, I’d like to prepare you by asking you to “ignore the man behind the curtain.” No, I don’t mean to ignore me. What I mean is understand that this game is going to depend on you, as players, stepping into your chosen roles as characters in a story, with a rough plot structure that depends on a certain amount of… for lack of a better term “railroading.”

This isn’t going to be a sandbox game.

Thankfully, it also isn’t going to consist of blindly following a single set of tracks either.

One of the best pieces of GMing and adventure/campaign design advice I ever received was “Brontosaurus.” Yep, a dinosaur that probably never existed was one of the most important pieces of gaming wisdom, I’ve ever been given.

It’s simple, really. A Brontosaurus (if they existed) was narrow at the head, got wider in the middle, and became narrow again at the tail end.

A railroad yard follows this same shape. A single track, or maybe a limited number of tracks branch out again and again until there are many tracks running all over the place. Then, when you start to reach the far end of the yard, the tracks start to merge again until there are only a few.

That is how this game is going to be shaped.

I need you to trust me and agree to follow the basic concessions of the story. When conflict (a necessary part of any good story) starts to rear its head, don’t try to run in the opposite direction or act without regard to basic common sense. A good backstory will go a long way towards giving your character a reason to follow the story and make intelligent choices from the tracks that branch out in front of him. Try to keep the game on the rails by playing your character and participating in the story.

Trust me, there’s more on that in the Wiki.

Please take a look at the wiki. There is a great deal of essential info there to help you get started.

Beyond the Sea

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